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IBO Best Practice Messages

Best Practices Message: Marketing Nutrilite®

Nutrilite® is the world’s No. 1 selling vitamin and dietary supplements brand* – but what else are we saying when we talk to others about these great products?

*Source: Euro monitor International Limited,

We love your belief in, and enthusiasm for, Nutrilite products and want to support your marketing efforts. So this month’s Best Practices message is all about helping you with the promotion and sale of Nutrilite products.

Nutrilite products are classified as either foods or dietary supplements, which are treated as a special category of foods by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This means that Nutrilite products are subject to both the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, and the underlying FDA regulations that implement and enforce the Act.

It is important to remember and practice the following as you talk about, share, and sell Nutrilite products to customers, Prospects, and other IBOs:

  • As an IBO, you should never attempt to diagnose health complaints or recommend Nutrilite products as remedies, cures, or treatments for health conditions. Nutrilite products are not drugs and are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent a disease, a symptom of a disease, or any other medical condition, and they should never be promoted as such.

You should only use terms, statements, and claims that are provided for use by Amway™.

  • It is important not to assume your customer needs a certain dietary supplement or other health and fitness products or programs. Refrain from telling customers what they need. Provide product information, but always allow the customers to select the products best suited to their personal needs; and always be mindful of what best fits their budget.

  • Be sure to call attention to the directions for use and cautions shown on the label when discussing the products. Also remind your customers that products should only be used as directed, and there should be compliance with any age restrictions associated with the product.

  • Labels are critical. You must never repackage products offered by Amway to give as samples. If you’d like to provide samples, only use Amway-packaged samples or encourage customers to purchase the full-size items backed by the 180-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • Literature used to promote products should be Amway-generated or Amway-authorized materials and specific to the affiliate market in which they are being used. Amway can only make claims for products that have substantiation and support. Amway has over 900 scientists, engineers, and technical professionals on staff worldwide who continue to identify and substantiate claims for Nutrilite products. The Amway website, product catalogs, and product guides are excellent resources for the claims that can be made about the products. Spoken claims must follow these same guidelines and must be accurate, substantiated claims as well.

  • Before beginning any significant health-related program, an IBO/customer should consult with their physician. Discontinuance of product use and communication with a physician should occur if pain or discomfort occurs as a result of using the product. While we want everyone to benefit from the products, if a product presents a challenge to customers, or for any reason causes them to be unhappy with the product, there is the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.*

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