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IBO Best Practice Messages

Best Practices Message: A Business for All People

As you’ve discovered, Amway™ offers the best opportunity to own a business there is. We are attracting new IBOs from diverse backgrounds – from different ethnicities and social backgrounds. Our Best Practices make it clear that acceptance of others is a crucial part of our Business.

Regardless of backgrounds, where we live, or who we vote for, this Business can help each of us achieve our goals. And just as we are committed to supporting people who want to operate their own businesses, there is room for everyone in this Business – no matter how different we may be in our religious beliefs, political affiliations, or other viewpoints and opinions. It is part of what makes our Business strong and successful.

The one common belief that team members should share in is the power of this Business and a commitment to building it.

This Best Practices Message gives you a few highlights or reminders – but can’t cover everything you need to remember, so you may want to review the appropriate Rules of Conduct for the further and complete information.

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