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IBO Best Practice Messages

Best Practices Message: Criteria Based Reclassification (“CBR”)

Criteria-based Reclassification (CBR) supports you in building a more profitable and sustainable business by helping less-active IBOs transition to customers whose purchases count as VCS!

Under CBR, if you have a month with personal PV without generating any VCS, you must generate 60% VCS in any one of the next five consecutive months to remain an IBO. So, if zero VCS in January, you have to generate 60% VCS in any one of the next five consecutive months (Feb-June).

If the IBO does not achieve the VCS requirement, Amway will end their IBO Contract and they will be offered the option to become, or will be given an offer to become, a Registered customer or, if eligible, a Preferred Customer.

**Please see more information on under the Business Center tab.

This Best Practices Message gives you a few highlights or reminders – but can’t cover everything you need to remember, so you may want to review the appropriate Rules of Conduct for the further and complete information.

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