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IBO Best Practice Messages

Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

Yes - Social Media is very powerful - and we want to help you be successful in its proper use and to comply with the Rules of Conduct.



  • The Rules of Conduct do not permit the use of Amway's trademarks or trade names to be a part of your profile names or page names (see Rule 8.1). You should use your own name.

  • Remember also that you need permission from Amway to use any of Amway's logos or product images on your social media sites.

Image and Videos

  • If you are planning on posting business related images/videos on any of your sites, then you must make sure that you have submitted the materials to Amway for authorization prior to posting.

  • Remember, any materials used with your customers or Prospects, at your meetings, on the web, or any of your social media connections are considered Business Support Materials under Rule 7 of the IBO Rules of Conduct and must be submitted to Amway for authorization prior to use.

    • Refer to the Intellectual Property and the Use of Music and Videos Best Practices Messages for further information.

Your LOS and Social Media Platforms

  • Remember that you must have existing relationships to contact people online about the Amway™ Independent Business or Amway products.

  • If someone online shows interest in the opportunity or the products then certainly talk with them about it but do so personally, not publicly. It is best to do it offline.

    • When you encounter IBOs on Social Media Platforms in different parts of the Line of Sponsorship, it is your responsibility and obligation to not engage in that conversation with them about the Amway business.

      • If another IBO approaches you about changing sponsors or positions in the Line of Sponsorship to join your group, it is best to take the information upline to be sure it is handled appropriately (See Rule 4.17).

  • On Social Media Platforms, be aware that no IBO shall engage in cross-group buying or selling (Rule 4.2).

    • Cross-group buying and selling occurs when an IBO sells products and services offered through or by Amway to another IBO he or she did not personally sponsor (unless it is under a servicing IBO (Rule 5.5.4) or from their upline Platinum.) If this occurs, check with your upline for assistance.

  • Never forget that there are different rules for communicating with current IBOs on your team and Prospects.

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